City Council & Office Staff

City Council:

Mayor Wade Ryan

Vice-Mayor Linda Cooper 

Teri Paniptchuk, Council member 

Thurman Jack, Council member 

Michelle “Nuckoo” Harvey, Council member 

Judie Kotongan, Council member 

Myrtle Smith, Council member 

City Office Staff:

Davida Hanson, City Manager

Vacant City Clerk & Business Manager 

Joanne Semaken, Deputy Clerk 


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  • Public Works
  • Public Safety
  • Fire Department

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  • City of Unalakleet By-Laws and Ordinances

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City of Unalakleet Calendar

  • Council Meetings
  • Election Dates
  • Etc.

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City Forms

  • Sales Tax Return
  • Bed Tax Return
  • Water/Sewer Connection
  • Etc.

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